Safety tips to keep in mind on National Walk and Bike to School Day

Students around the country are encouraged to find an active way to get to class on National Walk and Bike to School Day.
Vision Zero data shows over 2,000 pedestrians and almost 800 bikers have already been hit by cars in New York City in 2023. Whether walking or riding a bike, it's a good chance to remind families of ways to make sure they're safe.
That includes walking on the sidewalk whenever possible and walking facing the traffic so that you can see what's coming. Also, always cross a street in a crosswalk and keep eyes on the road and off the phone.
For those biking, wear your helmet. It's recommended to go in the same direction and stay in the bike lane.
While keeping these safety tips in mind, walking or biking to school is a great way to save a little money and get some exercise.