Sale of guinea pigs now banned in NYC pet stores

New York City’s animal lovers are celebrating a big victory after the City Council passed a bill to ban the sale of guinea pigs in pet stores citywide.  
This comes as animal shelters across the city are feeling the brunt of many impulse pet purchases from 2020, especially from those who bought guinea pigs.  
Pending Mayor Eric Adams’ signature, New York City will become the nation’s first city to ban the sale of guinea pigs.  
“We hope to see a major decline in the massive amount of guinea pigs that are coming into the shelters,” said Adams.  
Katy Hansen, of the Animal Care Centers of New York City, says the centers have taken in almost 800 guinea pigs since the start of the pandemic, with the majority being purchased from pet shops. She stresses that if the bill goes into law, it isn’t a ban on having the pet. 
“If people want a guinea pig, you have to go the extra effort, not too much effort but to come to the shelter and that's where we teach people about guinea pig care and how to set up for success,” said Hansen.  
The proposed law mimics legislation passed by Gov. Kathy Hochul in December 2022, which will ban the sale of cats, dogs, and rabbits in pet shops starting in 2024. The ban of guinea pig sales will remain just in New York City for now.