Some rain possible in New York City on not-so-super Sunday

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Allan Nosoff says some rain is possible in the city Sunday in the evening hours.
SUNDAY: Morning sun quickly gives way to a cloudy afternoon. A shower or two possible after 6 p.m. Highs near 48. Lows down to 40 with a few showers likely between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. Wind gusts pick up at night to 20-30 mph.
MONDAY: Cloudy start gives way to a mostly sunny afternoon. Not as breezy with 20 mph gusts. Highs rocket back to 55. Lows down to 39.
TUESDAY - VALENTINE'S DAY: Plenty of sun and nice! Highs up to 52. Lows near 42.
WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy and mild. Highs up to 60. Lows only around 52.
THURSDAY: Partly cloudy and mild with highs near 64. Record is 71 (likely doesn't hit). Showers likely late. Lows down to 55. Rain possible at night.
FRIDAY: Sunny breaks and near-record warmth. Highs up to 66 near noon (record is 68). A line of showers or storms possible during the afternoon. Lows crash to 33, windy.