School bus strike won't happen on Monday, chancellor says

This Friday, New York City Schools Chancellor David Banks said a school bus strike won't likely happen this coming Monday. He added it won't likely happen for several weeks.
A spokesperson for the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1181 says the union has no commitment to not strike and the potential for a strike remains.
If this strike does happen, it will be the first one since 2013. At the time, the city provided similar accommodations for students, which they plan to provide if a strike happens this year.
In 2013, the city provided emergency MetroCards and reimbursement for alternative transportation at the rate of 55 cents per mile. This year, the reimbursement would be 58 cents per mile with a max of $200 a day.
A parent with multiple children in city schools in 2013 said the five-day strike was not seamless despite the accommodations. She said it was very difficult for kids and parents.
"Even if bosses were responsive and they empathized with you, it's five weeks of not knowing if you could get to work and if you could get to work on time," said parent Celia Green.