Second annual Black VegFest held in Crown Heights

The second annual Black VegFest hit the streets of Crown Heights Saturday, with thousands in attendance.
The two-day outdoor festival, focused on vegan food, health-focused talks and literature related to veganism and mental health.
Chef Edwin was one of the many vendors looking to inspire attendees with popular foods in a healthy way.
"That's why I do the food relatable to you. We do things like a vegan chop cheese. We do empanadas...All these things that talk to my brown community directly," he says.
Others are happy that VegFest is sparking a new conversation.
VegFest is also catching the eye of public officials.
"This is the first two-day vegan VegFest in New York City, and they focused it on the black community and that's a critical community because they have high rates of diabetes and heart disease. Some of it can be focused on not just the dietary, but what food they have access to."
The founder of the event says he looks forward to bringing the festival back next year.