Sen. Chuck Schumer pushing for $80 billion investment in NYCHA housing

Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer unveiled a plan to push forward an investment in NYCHA housing Tuesday. 
Sen. Schumer visited the Kingsborough Houses and joined residents in calling for at least a double proposal for public housing and NYCHA to $80 billion. 
“$40 billion is more than patchwork, but we need the $80 billion to get the whole job done,” said Sen. Schumer. 
Residents tell News 12 they have been living in run-down conditions and feel like they have been neglected. 
 “We have to address the mold issue, high asthma rates...make sure the elevators are working, pest control,” said state Assembly member Stefani Zinerman. “That is what $40 billion means.” 
Sen. Schumer tells News 12 that the NYCHA repair backlog alone totals $40 billion. He says he is going to fight to double down on the American Jobs Plan proposal to ensure that at least $80 billion is provided. 
“We need lots of different programs and we need money in people’s pockets who are poor,” said Sen. Schumer. 
News 12 reached out to NYCHA for comment and they responded with a statement saying,“Senator Schumer knows firsthand NYCHA’s massive financial need after decades of disinvestment, and we are grateful for his ongoing support and advocacy."