Sen. Schumer pushes for revitalization of old Yonkers railroad station into city's first greenway

Sen. Charles Schumer visited Yonkers Friday and pushed to transform a section of the city to get its first greenway.
"It's going to put Yonkers in the fast lane for revitalization in the neighbors that need it most," Schumer said.
The plan is to renovate the abandoned Old Putnam Railroad and its four station, which formally served as a vital connection but caused neighborhoods to be disconnected when service was cut in 1943.
"It is the federal government's responsibility to step up and right that historical wrong. Yonkers has been segregated for far too long," said Rep. Jamaal Bowman.
Now the state and the city wants to put purpose back into it.
"Could unite over 3 miles of walking and biking here in South Yonkers taking you right to the gateway of Van Cortlandt Park from Getty Square," Schumer added.
"We can't wait because we need deep pockets to make this a reality," said Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano.
That's why Schumer is aiming to get the final federal funding of over $5 million to push the project forward.
"It's not any secret or hard to tell that its been about 30 years since any real investment has happened on South Broadway, so this is extremely important to that community and the businesses they're in," said Jessica Gordon, of the South Broadway bid.
Officials said the project will not just cover up an eyesore but also improve quality of life in all aspects.
"When people live around and amongst greenspaces, it improves their health, it improves their wellbeing and they are less likely to commit crime," Bowman said.
The project would also contribute to diminish the city's climate issue of urban heat islands effect.