Several without power in Brooklyn after electrical fire spreads from utility poles to nearby home

The FDNY is investigating an electrical fire that sparked across multiple utility poles, leaving several without power in Brooklyn this morning.
FDNY members tell News 12 the electrical fire started at midnight on Utica Avenue, beginning with just a few sparks on the utility pole -- and quickly spread to other wires.
The fire made its way onto the property of a home on the corner of Avenue M. Citizen App video captured the clouds of smoke in the air and flames running across the wires as people in the area watched from a distance.
It took a total of 60 firefighters to bring the fire under control around 2 a.m.
There are no reported injuries.
Con Edison is reporting that 25 customers are currently without power. It is expected to be restored later today by 5 p.m.
The FDNY are still searching for clues as to what caused the wires to go up in flames.