Sewage floods Mott Haven apartment, damaging home and breaking family apart

A Bronx NYCHA resident says sewage has been pouring out of her toilet and flooding her apartment.
Analiz Rivera says this all started on Friday and since then conditions continue to worsen. She and her family have been spending countless hours sweeping water out of their home - and not just any water.
Rivera tells News 12 the water spilling into her apartment is brown, smelly, and even accompanied by chunks of fecal matter.
She says management has come by to make temporary fixes, but the problem persists and it's affecting every aspect of her life. She tells us she's had to miss work, find alternative housing for her young daughter and most of their things have been ruined due to water damage. 
Rivera says she is looking for compensation for the inconvenience and for the fact management is raising their rent, but not addressing the issues in the apartment. 
News 12 reached out to NYCHA for a statement, this was their response.
"NYCHA staff have responded to the affected apartment and currently working to address the issue." NYCHA said.