'Sidewalk Samaritan' group raising voices to raise awareness for homelessness

A Brooklyn woman who survived experimental brain surgery after battling epilepsy for years has started a new nonprofit group that's giving back in a loud way.
Emily Borghard founded the organization Sidewalk Samaritan, and it's drawing people from around the borough to sing to raise awareness for homelessness.
A packed crowd was at the Jalopy Theater Sunday, waiting to sing and to learn a new song. Their music instructors were "Choir Choir Choir," a two-man band from Toronto that was teaching the crowd a new song.
Borghard partnered with Choir Choir Choir to to raise awareness for homelessness.
The Jalopy Theater and the Tavern also partnered with the organization when they heard about the cause. The Tavern created a food menu tailored to the event with sidewalk food, allowing attendees to dine in after they sang.
Borghard says she chose homeless as her organization's cause because of what she saw around her each day.
"On my commute every day I was seeing everyone sleeping in the subways on the sidewalks and I began to think, 'We have to do more then this, our shelters are overwhelmed, we have to be able to do something,' and I started talking to the guys... they just want to be heard."