Smoke spreads to 30 homes in Bensonhurst; 5 hospitalized

A raging fire in Bensonhurst left five people in the hospital Monday morning.
Officials say the fire started inside a building on Benson Avenue around 9 a.m.
A total of five people, including one 3-year-old girl, were sent to the hospital because of smoke inhalation-related issues after smoke spread to more than 30 homes. They're all expected to be OK.
The deputy chief tells News 12 the fire started on the first floor and spread quickly because the door of the apartment where the fire started was left open.
Several tenants News 12 spoke with say they escaped the flames using the fire escapes, and some said they went back inside to make sure some of their elder neighbors also got out safely.
A 67-year-old woman, Nina, who lives in a corner apartment was able to stay inside while firefighters put out the flames and was seen throwing blankets, shoes and other clothing out to her neighbors to help keep them warm.
She told News 12 off-camera she wanted to spread some love during the difficult time.
The Red Cross is helping at least two families that are now displaced.
Most tenants are expected to return to their homes.