Social media campaign slams disrepair at Brooklyn College as ‘Brokelyn’

A group of Brooklyn College students is protesting what it says are neglected conditions on campus with a social media campaign to press for improvements.
On Facebook and Instagram, the student activists are posting pictures of what they call "Brokelyn College." (Warning: Some of the posts contain vulgar language.)
Allan Randal, a music student in his senior year, says he created the Facebook page "Fixing Brokelyn College" and that a friend runs the matching Instagram.
"I see a manifestation of not caring," says Corinne Greene, another student. "I see a beautiful institution from the outside, and internally, it's like it's almost sick or something."
The images show broken toilets, missing tiles and cracked and peeling paint. The students say the lack of resources in their departments and the broken amenities are a sign of disrespect.
A college spokesperson tells News 12 the school is working with state and city officials to secure the resources to make repairs and upgrades.
The school also says it's undertaking more than $150 million worth of construction projects currently. The students say those projects are taking too long.