Some parents express vaccine wariness in face of NYC measles emergency

Some parents are still refusing to get their children vaccinated, even after Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a public health emergency in specific areas of Brooklyn due to the measles outbreak.
Even though the mayor says those who don't get the MMR vaccination could be fined up to $1,000, some Williamsburg mothers tell News 12 getting vaccinated is against their religion.
"One of our rules in our religion says our lives come before others," says Esther. "And even though we do try and protect others, we really do we protect others not by hurting our own family."

But others say religion is not an excuse to not get vaccinated.
"In the Torah, it is very clear that if there is a danger to your life or the lives of any other person, you had to do the right thing and the medical establishment is saying vaccinate, you've got to vaccinate," says Gary Schlesinger.
Many people News 12 spoke with in the Orthodox Jewish community say they're hoping these mothers refusing to vaccinate their children open their eyes and realize the danger they could be causing to sick and pregnant people, who cannot get vaccinated themselves.
Several rabbis in the community are reaching out hoping to encourage more people to go ahead and get the vaccine.