South Bronx organization aims to help babies, toddlers during the holiday season

A South Bronx organization is aiming to make sure all babies and toddlers have a fresh diaper, and you can play a role during the holiday season. 
Maria Cintron, the executive director at HopeLine Resource Center, spoke to News 12’s Kristie Reeter about their kids and with that came talk about diapers. 
"To know that your son or your child was getting enough milk through nursing was their output, how many diapers. So, you kind of had to have a sense of how many diaper changes you were making,” said Cintron. 
In 2015, HopeLine became the first established diaper distribution center in the Bronx. 
They also help families with food items and so far, they are keeping up with the needs that have grown due to the coronavirus pandemic. 
"So, we are just finding a lot more people who throughout the year just even their need has just been changing to now it is like we can't do it anymore we need your help,” said Cintron. 
Thankfully, she says people are stepping up and rallying to keep the shelves full. 
"I have seen how people are just wanting to support us from $5 to $100. And it has been incredible,” said Cintron.