South Brooklyn welcomes new hospital named after Ruth Bader Ginsburg

A new hospital named after the late Supreme Court justice and Brooklyn native Ruth Bader Ginsburg is now officially open in South Brooklyn. 
The new facility replaces the former Coney Island Hospital, which was devastated by flood waters during Superstorm Sandy.  
The first floor of the hospital now only holds the lobby and parking garages, with everything used for daily operations on higher floors as a preventative measure to any future storms like Sandy.  
Nearly $1 billion of Federal Emergency Management Agency money and five years of building helped create the new hospital in a way that it can weather the stormy conditions New York may see in the coming years.  
Beyond its preparedness for inclement weather, the hospital boasts brand-new rooms and equipment, including a much larger emergency department and state-of-the-art medical supplies and machinery.  
"It feels only fitting that a public important institution such as this one bear her name,” said Clara Spera, granddaughter of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.