South Korean president sings 'American Pie' at U.S. state dinner

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol stepped up to the plate when he was asked by Biden to sing one of Yoon's 'favorite songs' at a state dinner at the White House. Have a listen to his rendition of 'American Pie.'
Last night’s state dinner at the White House took an unexpected Westchester-inspired twist!
After the regularly scheduled performances concluded, President Joe Biden addressed the crowd and told a story about how his sons would sing "American Pie" when driving to school. Biden then turned to South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and said, "We know this is one of your favorite songs."
Yoon replied in Korean, saying "Yes, that's true. Back in my school days." Then, Biden, facing Yoon, said "Well, we wanted to hear you sing it." Laughter filled the room, and shortly after, Yoon took the mic.
"Since you all here are stout supporters and stockholders of our South Korea-U.S. alliance, I'll sing just one verse," Yoon said and proceeded to sign a verse of "American Pie."
After Yoon received a standing ovation, Biden presented Yoon with a signed guitar from the song’s composer and singer – New Rochelle’s Don McClean.