State of Our Schools: Teaching the blind from a distance

As the pandemic continues to impact schools across the city, teachers at the New York Institute for Special Education in the Bronx are finding creative ways to teach their students, many of whom are blind or visually impaired.
Iliana Mejia normally learned using the tactile writing system Braille, but she and other students have had to adapt because of the pandemic.
Jackie Becker and Linda Ceiro, who is also blind, teach at the school - in person and online.
Over the course of almost a year, they have worked to find creative ways to teach their students, providing them with Braille material such as books and worksheets at home so they can continue learning remotely.
After figuring out how to make remote learning work with their students, the teachers and Mejua say although it has been challenging, learning has been revolutionized.
"In a world that is rapidly changing with technology, being added constantly, I think that it has, at least in this school, given teachers and students wider possibilities and opportunities of ways that we can expand the way we learn," said Mejia.
They say they hope to return to school safely, but for now they will continue to adapt.