State Sen. Parker tells GOP rep ‘kill yourself’ in deleted tweet

A state senator representing Brooklyn residents is facing a backlash Tuesday after telling a Republican staffer to kill herself in a tweet.
Candice Giove responded Tuesday morning to @chesneycheckers who spotted a car blocking a bike lane in Manhattan with a state Senate parking placard on it. Giove tweeted that the state Senate parking placard in the photo belongs to Sen. Kevin Parker and he was misusing it.
Parker then wrote "kill yourself" with an exclamation point.
The tweet was deleted, and Parker wrote an apology. However, the tweet was screenshotted and has now been seen across the country.
Even after the apology, Parker sent two more tweets targeting Giove and told the Times Union that she's a “tempest in a tea pot” and called her a “Twitter troll.”
State Sen. Parker was reportedly charged back in 2005 with third-degree assault for punching a traffic agent who gave him a summons for double parking.
Councilman Jumaane Williams responded to the tweets saying, “I'm very concerned by the statement I saw from Sen. Parker on social media earlier today. After speaking with him this afternoon, we have both agreed that it's best for him to step down as co-chair of my campaign for public advocate."