Stay warm this winter with this on-sale portable heater

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Throughout much of America, there is no escaping the grip of winter weather, as the days of chilly temps and piling snow are well underway. But, that doesn't mean you can't stay cozy.
We've got you covered with an innovative solution to your upcoming winter needs with The Värme Portable Air Heater, ready whenever and wherever you need it. And, it's available at a great deal, with our limited-time 14% discount, dropping the price to only $84.99 (reg. $99).
The Värme Portable Air Heater requires only three seconds to supply warmth for small rooms or offices, quickly turning those cold settings into comfortable ones. You can adjust its output to reach a perfect temperature, and minimum noise (less than 56.9 decibels) prevents the heater from becoming a distraction. Plus, safety measures are in place for it to turn off automatically after four hours, or in case it tips over.
Whether you're looking to cut down on the cost of house-wide heating, or finally warm up a drafty workspace, this device is an answer that makes sense.
The detachable hand warmer is excellent for outdoor usage, providing heat for up to an hour. This portable accessory features a phase-changing wax that captures heat and holds the temperature steady around 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can be attached to the main vent using a magnet.
With rapid heating technology and adjustable airflow, the Värme Portable Air Heater with a detachable hand warmer is the wise choice for simple heating needs. Escape the coldness of winter and get immediate relief whenever you need it, at home or in the office, for the reduced price of only $84.99.
Prices subject to change.