Storms across the country causing COVID-19 vaccine delays

The winter weather felt across the country and in New York City is causing major delays in vaccine deliveries. 
Gov. Andrew Cuomo says that he was informed by the federal government that nearly all COVID-19 vaccine doses that were scheduled to be delivered between Feb. 12 and Feb. 21 are delayed because of the storms impacting much of the country. 
He added that every dose that should have shipped on Monday was not sent. He says only a small supply of Pfizer vaccines were shipped on Tuesday and Wednesday. 
Gov. Cuomo said that while the delay is a logistical challenge for all of New York, COVID-19 rates in the Bronx remain the highest in the city at 6.2%. 
He says the borough needs to be prioritized. 
"We have to focus on the Bronx, the Bronx should be the place that gets the most vaccines, the most testing, because that's where you have the highest positivity and by the way, that's where you have the most vulnerable communities,” said Gov. Cuomo. 
In terms of vaccine supply issues, Gov. Cuomo said the vaccines come directly from the federal government.