Storms around the country causing vaccine shipment delays; Citi Field, Bathgate postpone appointments

As New York City prepares for more winter weather this week, some vaccination sites across the city are already being impacted by the winter weather affecting swaths of the country. 
The 24/7 vaccine site at Citi Field was closed Wednesday because of weather in other parts of the country, which caused delays in vaccine delivery. 
Appointments at Citi Field and Bathgate were canceled, and News 12 is told those who had appointments were contacted to reschedule them. 
Vaccine supply continues to be an issue in the city. Mayor Bill de Blasio says the city has fewer than 30,000 doses of the vaccine on hand right now. 
He says the city is in danger of running out very soon. 
"All over the nation, there’s huge storms that are now causing delays in shipments. Shipments of vaccines that we were expecting by yesterday, today to be delayed, that means we’re going to have to hold back appointments that New Yorkers need because the vaccine isn’t arriving,” said De Blasio. 
It is unclear whether the site will be open Wednesday or in the next few days.