Stormy weather brings flooding to Bronx apartment

Powerful storms brought heavy rain and flooding to parts of the Bronx on Monday.
Annette Ross lives on the top floor of her NYCHA building. She says Monday’s storms brought more flooding to her home, something she has been dealing with since May of last year.
“You know, it makes you feel like you’re inhuman,” said Ross. “No one should have to live like this.”
Monday’s downpour came through her roof and brought severe damage. She has had to cover her apartment floor in buckets and blankets to reduce the water damage and flooding.
“The ceiling looks like it’s going to cave in,” said Ross.
Ross says her NYCHA complaints continue to fall on deaf ears. She says and her daughter and 4-month-old grandson are sleeping just a few steps away from where the damage is.
NYCHA provided the following statement: 
"NYCHA staff have replaced the sheetrock in the hallway and removed the sheetrock closet ceiling to allow that area to dry. Once it is dry, they will replace the sheetrock in the closet as well and are scheduling plastering and painting for the bedroom as well. The area around the drain in the roof will be repatched and roof replacement contractor will do probes of the roof this week, with roof replacement scheduled for the end of the year. NYCHA and the management team will continue to work with the resident to resolve this issue."