Students spend day off celebrating Indigenous Peoples' Day

Some students spent a Monday off from school at Brooklyn’s Children Museum to celebrate the Indigenous Peoples' Day Festival.  
They got to speak with experts of indigenous history about the roots of many different tribes such as the Lunaape, Iroquois and Wappani. They say that while many have forgotten the rich history, more and more people are getting to understand indigenous culture. 
“Times are changing, people are changing minds, information is being zoomed all over the world,” said Iakowi:he'ne' Oakes of the Mohawk Nation. “So many things are now on the internet…There’s really no reason for people to not know the true story of Columbus and to understand that it’s important to let that day go.” 
Children took part in activities such as learning traditional dances and making pottery.
It was the third annual festival hosted by the Brooklyn’s Children Museum, and they plan to continue the yearly tradition.