Students take ACT exams a week late after miscommunication at Frederick Douglas Academy 3

Some Brooklyn students are taking their ACT exams a week later than expected.
Daniela Elliott tells News 12 that she and her daughter were locked outside last week Frederick Douglas Academy 3.
They were among 100 parents and students who waited in the cold before finding out that the test was not being administrated.
Elliott says some of the parents brought their concerns about the massive miscommunication to the vice president of global operation at ACT and we’re able to get the test rescheduled today.
She says it’s just been an added stress.
“Especially now, it’s like impossible to be an 11th grader, I feel sorry for these kids,” Elliott says.
The new testing location is taking place at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge.
ACT tells News 12 if students were not able to reschedule their exam for today, they can chance their registration for a future national test date.
The next scheduled test date is on April 17.
They can also request a refund of their registration fees.