Students who opted back in for in-person learning return to city schools

Around 51,000 students returned to classrooms across the city Monday.

News 12 Staff

Apr 26, 2021, 10:22 AM

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Around 51,000 students returned to classrooms across the city Monday.
For some students, this was their first time learning in-person in several months. Others have been learning remotely for over a year.
Principal of P.S. 59 Dr. Cherry-ann Joseph-Hislop says she hasn’t seen some of the students since March 2020.
“The kids are excited to see friends, teachers,” Hislop says. “It is an exciting feeling in the building today, having more kids back.”
A spokesperson for the Department of Education says out of the 51,000 students who opted back in; 26,500 are in grades 3K-5, 10,000 are in middle school, 13,000 are in high school and 1,500 are in District 75.
A spokesperson for the DOE tells News 12 they are actively in contact with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Health and are ensuring all students maintain social distance and are wearing face coverings.
Students used hand sanitizer to keep clean, wore face coverings and gave elbow bumps as a safe greeting.
Hislop also hired a new school clinician to help students returning.
Dr. Olga Diaz-Pallis says it can be tough for children to adjust, but with the right support, they can transition easier.
Around 327,000 children in grades 3K through 12 are still involved in blending learning, so they alternate from in-person to remote learning.
Schools Chancellor Meisha Ross Porter says the city’s reopening plan is the gold standard for districts all across the country.

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