Study finds fetuses enjoy carrots, but dislike kale

A new study in the journal Psychological Science found that developing what foods you may like could start in the womb.
Researchers gave mothers who were at least eight-months pregnant a carrot-flavored pill, a kale-flavored pill or a plain one.
Fetuses get food through the umbilical cord. Whatever the mother eats affects the taste and smell of the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby in the womb.
Scientists waited about 20 minutes and did a 4D ultrasound. They say babies who tasted carrots made more of a "laughter face,” while the kale babies made more of a "cry-face.”
Scientists say it could show what moms eat when pregnant could help build healthy eating habits for their kids.
The next step of the study is to see how the babies react to each food once they eat it themselves.