Study: Impacts of vaping can appear as soon as after one month of use

A new study concludes that it does not take long for serious respiratory symptoms to appear in a young person once they start using e-cigarettes.
Although research on the long-term impacts of e-cigarette use is still being studied, the study shows that after one month of vaping, users have shortness of breath and symptoms of bronchitis.
Doctors say e-cigarette users inhale and exhale aerosol, a mix of nicotine and more than 30 other chemicals, which can go deep into the lungs.
Researchers say these findings prove vaping on its own can be harmful to one's health.
Previous studies have also linked e-cigarettes to serious lung injuries.
Doctors say they now ask about e-cigarette use when young people arrive at hospitals with lung damage or breathing issues.
CDC officials say e-cigarettes containing nicotine are not only highly addictive, but can impact the developing brain of a young person, affecting their ability to pay attention, learn and control impulses.