Study: Many Americans struggling with chronic pain

A new study says many Americans are suffering from chronic pain.
The Journal - JAMA Network Open found that more Americans deal with chronic pain than diabetes, depression and high blood pressure.
"One in every two or three people is suffering from back or neck pain at this point," says Alicia Hirscht from Orthopaedic Neurosurgery Specialists.
Researchers gathered data from more than 10,000 people over a two-year period.
They say their findings emphasize the need for early pain management.
Doctors say pain medication might be needed or integrative pain relief method.
Dr. Joe Feuerstein tells News 12 acupuncture could help with pain in the spinal cord and brain. Dr. Feuerstein says trigger point injections can also help alleviate pain.
Hirscht says it's important for people to get moving, even if it's just a walk.
"Orange Theory, going for a walk, regular exercise is always good for us, especially when it comes to pain management and strengthening," says Hirscht.