Subway rescue caught on camera as man falls onto tracks at 36th Street station

Terrifying moments were caught on camera as commuters jumped onto the train tracks in Sunset Park to help a man who had fallen.
The train operator and those commuters are being hailed heroes for their actions at the 36th Street subway station. It happened as the D train was pulling into the station around 8 a.m. Thursday.

The dramatic video shows three people jump down onto the tracks. With the help of others on the platform, they pulled the man back up on to the platform.
Police tell News 12 it appears the man just fell down on to the tracks. The train operator, who News 12 is told is named Shawn McFarlane, says he saw a crowd near the edge of the platform and then saw the man fall onto the tracks. He hit the emergency brakes and was able to stop the train just short of where that man was.

In a statement, the TWU Local 100 president said, “There's no doubt that train operator McFarlane saved this man from a gruesome death or serious injury, this could have been yet another tragedy on the tracks, but operator McFarlane single-handedly stopped that from happening. He is a true hero."

As for the man who fell, News 12 is told he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.