Summer heat this weekend with temps in upper-80s, possible showers Monday

NOW: Heat and sunshine through the weekend, highs near 90.
NEXT - WEATHER TO WATCH: A cold front approaches later Monday with a chance of showers and storms.
Storm Watch Meteorologist Darryl Green breaks down the stormy conditions to look out for on Monday after a hot summer weekend.
TOMORROW: Sunny and hot. Not terribly humid. Highs near 90. Lows down to 72. Sunrise: 5:26 a.m. | Sunset: 8:31 p.m.
SUNDAY: Plenty of sun and remaining hot. Highs near 90. Lows down to 71. Clouds increase at night.
MONDAY - WEATHER TO WATCH: Mostly cloudy with a few scattered showers possible into midday, and a chance of showers and storms during the afternoon and evening. There is some severe potential, but details remain limited. More info likely by late Saturday. Highs near 80. Lows down to 65.
TUESDAY: Clearing sky, a bit cooler. Highs near 78. Lows near 64.
WEDNESDAY: Tranquil and warm with plenty of sun. Highs up to 82. Lows down to 68.
THURSDAY: More of the same, trending warmer. Highs near 85. Lows down to 70.