Sunset Park small businesses are negatively impacted by new COVID-19 regulation

In trying to save lives, new COVID-19 regulations are hurting many Brooklyn residents’ livelihoods.
The new restrictions enforced in areas where COVID-19 has seen an uptick is costing business owners, especially in Sunset Park.
Sunset Park is in an orange zone meaning nonessential businesses have had to close once again.
However, even the businesses that can open, like restaurants, are being affected.
“It's going to be devastating. People cannot eat outside in the winter, so we're trying to do the best we could to cover outside to have space but in this way we're not going to survive,” says Jose Diaz, restaurant owner.
Restaurants in orange zones can't offer indoor dining like eateries in other parts of the city and personal care services are completely closed.
David Estrada with the Sunset Park BID says there needs to be a better solution other than shutting down small businesses.
“If they operate with social distancing and proper cleaning protocols are not the source of increased COVID and so the city should adjust accordingly because these guys are going to go out of business,” says Estrada.
He tells News 12 for many businesses owners, English isn't there first language and the rapid changes in restrictions have left many confused.
“I had to personally go to over 30 personal care businesses up and down this avenue and tell them for the very first time that they'd heard it that they needed to lock their doors,” says Estrada.
He says the new rules are hurting businesses struggling to pay their rent and keep their employees.
He recommends seeking help through the BID or organizations like the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.
Estrada says he's afraid many small businesses will never reopen if their forced to stay closed for much longer.