Surprise graduation ceremony, wedding engagement cap big day for Brooklyn woman

A Brooklyn woman who planned on surprising her parents with her master’s in business degree had the tables turned on her during a day she will never forget.
For six years now, Rozel Lashley says her parents have been pushing her to further her education ever since she finished her undergraduate degree. What they didn’t know is that for the past year, she had been pursuing her master’s degree online at Western Governors University while maintaining her job.
On Wednesday, Lashley met with her parents and some family members in Marine Park where she was going to present them with her diploma.
It turns out her graduation day will also be her engagement day. Her now-fiancé Emmanuel Perez proposed to her and she said yes.
"I am overwhelmed with emotion. I just, I'm speechless. I can't even describe it," Lashley told News 12.
Her family says said they were proud of Lashley’s accomplishments and the couple is excited to start planning for their wedding.
Lashley said she is hoping to land a leadership position in the health care field.