Surveillance video: Department of Sanitation workers attacked in East New York

Police have released video that shows an attack on Department of Sanitation workers who were on duty early Wednesday morning in East New York.
Just moments before the attack, police say there was an argument between two women in an Uber ride who were trying to get past the sanitation truck and the workers.
Surveillance cameras captured someone hitting at least one of the DSNY workers on Milford Street near Pitkin Avenue. The video is from 1:40 a.m. on Wednesday.
Police say the two sanitation workers in uniform were collecting garbage along their route when three men got out of a red Chrysler 300 and one of them yelled, "Yo! what did you say to my girl?"
Video appears to show one of the suspects walk up behind one of the DSNY workers and hit him with what appears to be a golf club. Then another man is seen coming up the sidewalk, grabbing a baseball bat and running over. At the same time, the other sanitation worker looks like he's trying to intervene. Police say that's when a third suspect pulled out a knife and stole a phone from the men.
Neither worker was seriously hurt.
Police believe one of the women called the men who showed up and say there were a total of four men, with one staying in the car at the time of the attack.
In a statement, DSNY Spokesperson Joshua Goodman said, "Sanitation workers have an incredibly difficult job, working day and night to keep New York City clean and safe. We encourage anyone with information about this attack on two of New York's essential workers to come forward."
Police say the suspects were last seen driving off in the red Chrysler 300.
Anyone with information is asked to call police.