Surveillance video shows moment of impact in crash that killed 10-year-old

Surveillance video shows the moment of impact before 10-year-old Enzo Farachio was fatally struck by an SUV.
The superintendent of the Flatbush building where Farachio lived said he was actually inside the boy's apartment making repairs when Farachio's father got a call. Police say an SUV slammed into Farachio at a bus stop and later crashed into scaffolding, nearly missing a woman and a child walking on the sidewalk. The collision happened on Ocean Avenue and Avenue L.
Investigators say the 59-year-old driver lost control of the car after suffering a medical episode. Investigators also say Farachio suffered severe trauma to his neck and back. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.
The advocacy group Transportation Alternatives is aware of the incident and says the driver has received at least four summonses for speeding in school zones.
Enzo's family did not want to speak on camera, but his mother told News 12 off camera that they are shocked and devastated. Enzo's mom says her son loved music, to play games and dance.