Survivors thank FDNY heroes at Second Chance Ceremony

Ten survivors got the opportunity to thank the people who helped save their lives at the ceremony on Wednesday.  
Jody Barringer, one of the 10 survivors, was reunited with the team members who gave her a new lease on life.  
“It’s just beyond words to meet them in person, be able to thank them, and be able to hug them and shake their hands,” said Barringer.  
For over 25 years the FDNY has held the ceremony so that first responders and the people they’ve helped survive can reconnect.  
“There’s no dry eye in the house,” said NYC fire commissioner Laura Kavanagh. “It’s so special for those that they’ve rescued, and I know it’s special for our members as well.” 
Dozens listened to the heart-wrenching stories of the survivors who were faced with possible death, watching them meet their heroes and build bonds that will last a lifetime.