Syringes found in Cadman Plaza Park

Some Brooklyn parents say they're worried after syringes were found in a popular park.
For years, a group of parents say they have been working with the city to make Cadman Plaza Park a better place for their kids.
They say their kids found several syringes in the bushes of the park. Not knowing what they were, the parents said the kids squeezed the syringes and saw substance come out. None of the children were pricked.
The parents say they collected them in a plastic bottle but are still concerned.
A spokesperson from the Parks Department said in a statement, "This appears to be an isolated occurrence, but we will monitor this park closely."
But the parents say this isn't the first time this has happened.
At a community meeting Tuesday night, one parent says a person from the Parks Department said multiple needles were found on multiple days. The parent says the Parks Department has been going to the park to check it out.
Parents say since the report of the syringes, the Parks Department has been working very hard to clean up any garbage and over growing shrubs. They say they just hope that effort continues to be maintained.