'Take advantage of it. Get vaccinated.' Dr. Fauci encourages MTA workers to get COVID-19 vaccine

In a video message played at the MTA board meeting Thursday, national health expert Dr. Anthony Fauci encouraged MTA employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available to protect themselves and those around them during the pandemic.
In the two-minute video message, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden told the front-line employees that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe. He said the vaccine is the best way to fight back against the pandemic and help restore people's lives. 
"The sooner you get vaccinated, the sooner we can get our lives back and our country back on track," he said.
He also told the group that throughout the U.S. pandemic, they have kept New York City's public transit moving. 
"That is why you are essential workers at the front of the line to receive a coronavirus vaccine. Take advantage of it, get vaccinated. To be fully protected, you need one shot plus a booster shot a few weeks later. This may save your life," he said.
Fauci said even after people are vaccinated to stay safe by continuing to follow public health guidelines of wearing a mask. 
During the video, Dr. Fauci also described his fond memories of riding the subway from Brooklyn to Manhattan as a young man.