Team 12 Investigates: Bronx labeled moldiest borough in new review

A new study from RentHop has revealed that the Bronx is the moldiest borough in New York City.  
For resident Amina Gladden, she has experienced the downsides of mold firsthand, as her son battles painful eczema that his doctor says was brought on by mold exposure.  
Gladden and her kids have called their University Heights apartment home since 2016, and they say they’ve been dealing with mold ever since they arrived. Gladden says management knocked down a wall in her closet and replaced it to fix the mold issue, but browning remains on their ceiling and her son’s diagnosis is brand-new.  
RentHop’s study took a look at 311 calls placed for mold throughout the five boroughs, with the Bronx taking the lead with nearly 5,000 complaints as of June 2023. Right behind the Bronx is Brooklyn.  
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