Team 12 Investigates: Viewers voice concerns of 2 train safety

Viewers reached out to News 12’s Katelynn Ulrich with concerns about one subway line in particular – the 2 train. Just this week, a teen was shot and killed at a subway station along that same line.
o verify the complaints that New Yorkers had arisen about this subway line, Ulrich took one train from Flatbush Avenue’s station all the way to the last stop on the line in Wakefield.  
Only one NYPD announcement was made during that trip, at the East 180th Street station in the Bronx. On the return trip, announcements that officers were located on the station’s platform were broadcast at the Grand Army Plaza and Church Avenue stations.  
A total of 90% of riders who spoke to Ulrich during her subway ride-along said that they do not have issues on the line and are fans of the police presence.  
During News 12’s initial Price of Patrols investigation, it was learned that New York City is dedicating 1,200 NYPD overtime shifts for subway patrols. Citizens Budget Commission estimates the shifts to cost approximately $1 million per day. Despite this, violence still makes an appearance along the subway line.  
Pierre Augustin was shoved onto the tracks at the President Street-Medgar Evers College 2 train station back in February. He says the man who shoved him threatened him before shoving him onto the tracks, and that the incident took place in broad daylight, at around 3 p.m. 
“It’s had its problems, but I never expected that to happen at 3 in the afternoon,” said Augustin.  
News 12 reached out to the NYPD for the number of incidents to take place along the 2 line this year, and they responded by stating that as of April 2, transit arrests year-to-date were up by 49%.  
The NYPD also provided a statement that said, in summary, they focus on priority lines and work with the NYPD Transit Bureau to patrol the subways.