Teen faces possible legal consequences after telling police she was almost abducted

A teen is accused of lying about being in danger, prompting a heavy police response in the area.
Two schools in East New York were placed on lockdown with several blocks roped off as the NYPD scoured the area for a man they now say doesn't exist.
The police presence occurred after a 14-year-old girl reported someone had tried to abduct her.
Police first got that call around 9 a.m. They arrived at the intersection of Belmont Avenue and Vermont Street, found the teen and put her in an ambulance to be evaluated. She told officers someone tried to take her against her will, according to authorities.
Police say she even went as far as to describe a person, saying he was a Hispanic man about 40 years old wearing a red hoodie.
Police searched the area for more than an hour before the girl came clean saying she had made it all up.
William Maxwell Career and Tech Education High School was put on lockdown, as well as P.S. 292, due to their vicinity to the investigation.
It's unclear why the girl made the story up. The NYPD does says it is still investigating and there's a chance she could face some legal consequences.