Tenants at Marble Hill Houses dealing with water outages, fed up with living conditions

Tenants upset over water outages at the Marble Hill Houses are hoping they can cool off as high temperatures hit New York City this week. 
Tenant Kenya Williams says the building has experienced water outages for weeks. "I don't know how long it's going to last. It came on for two days during the last two weeks, for two days, and then it was off completely for the entire building. So, it's been so sporadic, that I can't trust it," said Williams. 
Williams says she has made multiple complaints to New York City Housing Authority about the issue but has been redirected and left with unanswered questions. Other tenants in the building say they've had to save buckets of water to prepare for the unexpected water outages, and that it is getting in the way of everyday life routines. 
News 12 reached out to NYCHA for comment. The agency responded with a statement saying, "There was a development-wide water outage at Marble Hill Houses yesterday, lasting several hours, due to a defective house pump. NYCHA staff responded, repaired the pump, and restored water service to the development. This morning, NYCHA staff responded to the resident's apartment at 2831 Exterior Street to address any concerns and issues that may be affecting the delivery of her water service."
Williams tells News 12 she hopes a permanent solution is provided for tenants who just want to feel comfortable inside of their homes.