Tenants at NYCHA’s Pink Houses say they've had no gas for months

Some tenants say they have been without gas for more than a year. Others say they’ve been without gas for five months.

News 12 Staff

Jul 23, 2021, 9:28 PM

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Tenants say cooking food is a nightmare at NYCHA’s Pink Houses. Now, advocates are trying to resolve the issue. 
Some tenants say they have been without gas for more than a year. Others say they’ve been without gas for five months. 
Each of the tenants at 1211 Loring Ave. received hot plates, but they say it's not enough. 
Many have opted to order takeout or pay out of pocket for appliances such as rice cookers and air fryers. 
They say they are fed up, with no resolution for months on end. Tenants asked local community advocates for help. 
Advocates started knocking on doors and collecting signatures to search for answers. 
“We reached out to the National Grid to get information and figure out who is responsible. The National Grid said the onus is on NYCHA. NYCHA has to hire a plumber and fix the piping,” said community advocate Chris Banks. 
NYCHA tells News 12 there was a leak that affected 78 apartments. They say construction is underway to restore service. 
In a statement, a NYCHA spokesperson tells News 12, “While we understand gas service interruptions are inconvenient, we also want to ensure our residents' safety as we work to restore service as quickly as possible."
Advocates say they are worried about tenant safety. They say many tenants struggle with conditions such as diabetes.

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