Tenants deal with aftermath of flood caused by pipe in Marcy Houses

Tenants in the Marcy Houses in Bed Stuy are dealing with the aftermath of a leaking pipe that caused the building to flood.
Less than 24 hours ago, the building hallways were filled with water coming from an apartment on the fifth floor. The water continued to flow down to the apartments below.
In a Citizen app video, you can see tenants using brooms to push the water that was pouring down the stairway.
One tenant told News 12 that she and other neighbors immediately contacted NYCHA when they noticed the water just before 10 p.m. Sunday.
Tenants say the water continued to pour down for at least over an hour.
NYCHA went to fix the leak and placed cardboard over the area where the pipe was, according to tenants.
Along with the broken pipe, tenants say the only elevator in the building was out of service. They said it caused some of the elderly tenants to be stuck with no way to leave their apartments.
NYCHA said they immediately responded to the flooding conditions and that water was restored by midnight.
Tenants are left leaving their rugs and welcome mats in the hallway hoping to dry following the flood.