Tenants demand rent cancellation from landlord due to ‘inhumane conditions’

Tenants from both Brooklyn and the Bronx gathered Tuesday to rally outside of a landlord’s building in Borough Park, demanding that he cancel rent and drop his housing court charges filed against many tenants.
Protesters say the conditions in landlord Yechiel Weinberger's buildings are inhumane. Many said they have complained about dirty water, stoves that don’t work and no heat for months.
Weinberger owns 73 buildings in both Brooklyn and the Bronx. In 2015, he was named the third worst landlord in New York City by the public advocate.
News 12 reached out to Weinberger, whose attorney provided a statement on his behalf. It reads in part:
“The landlord has been working diligently to inspect and repair conditions alleged by tenants. When notice of a condition is provided, access is arranged, and repairs are completed as quickly as possible. The landlord stands ready, willing and able to make all repairs as required by law. However, some tenants have failed to provide access."
Tenants at the rally said they want a fair negotiation and demanded to have a conversation with him.