Tenants fed up with garbage collection outside Parkchester building

Bronx residents say bags of unsightly garbage have been left outside their Parkchester building for days at a time.
Residents say the trash troubles at 1690 Metropolitan Ave. just seem to get worse. Families in Parkchester South tell News 12 they want management to clean up its act. They say they’re sick and tired of walking out of their homes and seeing mounds of garbage. 
Residents tell News 12 that Parkchester South utilizes what is called a contained collection, which means the management company is responsible for garbage collection. 
The trash is brought to nearby compactors, where the garbage is stored until it's hauled away by the city’s Department of Sanitation. 
According to its website, Parkchester South oversees close to 8,000 apartments in the 121-acre development. 
Residents tell News 12 that years ago, garbage collection used to be curbside and was picked up by city sanitation. Some also say the development’s current method isn’t working because the maintenance staff can’t keep up with the large amounts of trash that pile up every day. 
Some also say they've brought their concerns about the mounting garbage to building management without seeing improvement.