Tenants: Living conditions are unacceptable at NYCHA’s Bushwick Houses

Residents of the New York City Housing Authority in Bushwick are calling for help after they say their current living conditions are not acceptable.  
Bushwick Houses residents invited News 12 inside to see some of the many issues that current tenants say they are dealing with, including water damage, mold, and broken kitchen appliances.  
Neighbors showed peeling walls, broken sinks, mold outbreaks, and even a roach infestation to News 12 cameras in just one of the apartments. 
“They did an inspection about last month, but nothing got done,” said one Bushwick Houses resident who asked to remain anonymous. “They said they were going to come… nothing.” 
Councilmember Jennifer Gutierrez says a letter was written to the NYCHA general manager about these conditions.
“We are seeing a ton of flooring issues, flood issues, mold issues, flooring that needs to be re-done right,” said Gutierrez
Gutierrez says she and other elected officials have come to this same development multiple times in past months, but adds that she has seen little to no action in most cases.  
The New York City Housing Authority provided the following statement on this ongoing issue: 
“NYCHA understands the frustration at the number of plumbing repairs needed at Bushwick Houses, and meets weekly with the councilmember’s office to report on the situation at the development. Bushwick Houses opened in 1960 and has suffered from decades of disinvestment, which has led to the deterioration of the pipes, which has caused an increase in work orders for plumbing repairs and mold. Bushwick Houses has more than $255 million in capital need, and NYCHA staff work 24/7 to address these issues caused by the crumbling infrastructure.”