Tensions on the rise as community members fight back against migrant housing at Floyd Bennett Field

Community members are continuing to fight back against Floyd Bennett Field being used to house migrants. 
A demonstration took place at the field, organized by Curtis Sliwa, Assembly Member Jamie Williams and others. They say that this is simply not the place for migrants to live, and that there is a legal process they should take before arriving to the states.  
“Our message is you’re not going to ruin our communities,” said organizer Sid Rosenberg. “We don’t hate the migrants… It’s our local politicians destroying our nicest neighborhoods. We’re not going to stand for it.” 
Many came out with signs and flags hoping to convince Gov. Hochul and Mayor Eric Adams to block the field from being used.  
If Floyd Bennett Field does get used, it will house up to 2,500 asylum seekers. There is no exact date on when the agreement will be signed at this time.