The Battle of Brooklyn brings history to Green-Wood Cemetery

Green-Wood Cemetery gave dozens visitors an opportunity to learn about the Revolutionary War's Battle of Brooklyn.

Aug 28, 2023, 2:23 AM

Updated 325 days ago


Green-Wood Cemetery gave dozens of people an opportunity to learn about the first battle of the American Revolution.
The cemetery has been transforming the space to resemble 1776 for over 20 years.
"The goal of it is to shed some light on history that a lot of folks don't know about,” said Green-Wood Cemetery director of education Rachel Walman. "We've got civilians, we got soldiers, we have women, and we have African Americans. All kinds of people that lived in New York in Brooklyn during that period who all had different views on the war."
From making tricorn hats to grabbing a battle flag, people of all ages got to enjoy a history lesson. With the help of the Museum of the American Revolution, the New York Historical Society and more, many were able to learn more about the war and honor those who fought.
"When I was taught American history, it was nothing about the Black man that participated in the American Revolutionary war,” said history enthusiast Leon Vaughan.
Organizers say the Battle of Brooklyn is a great way for the community to step back in time and appreciate the history around them.

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