The Download: RemoPlus DoorCam 2

During the pandemic, home delivery of packages or food has become more popular than ever. So lots of people are keeping an eye on their front door by installing doorbell cameras.
If you want a doorbell camera, but want to skip the installation, News 12's tech reporter Andrew Ehinger has the solution.
Doorbell cameras and other entryway security cameras come in all shapes and sizes, including ones built into locks themselves. And built-in is key because they need to be drilled into a wall or door.
But the DoorCam 2 from RemoPlus is unique in that its does not need tools for installation. You just place it on top of your door. Its battery operated and connects to your home WiFi. When someone approaches the door, it starts recording, and sends an alert to your phone. Then you can have a conversation with the person from anywhere in the world. It's great for deliveries when you're not around.
Since the DoorCam 2 needs no drilling, or permanent installation, it’s great for renters, or even taking it on trips.
The camera is 1080p and has a low light mode as well. Videos are stored in the RemoPlus cloud for free for three days and can easily be downloaded to your smartphone. False alarms are also reduced by intelligent software in the camera that makes sure its an actual person not just movement.
The camera is $200.