The Download: Smart safes

Looking for an easy and high tech way to keep small items around the house secure? News 12's gadget guru Andrew Ehinger says there are several ways to do that, and they're all controlled by your smartphone.
Not everyone needs bank-like security in their home, but sometimes it’s a good idea to have some things locked up.
You may not think about Motorola when you think of safes, but a “smart safe” might make sense. The Motorola Flex smart safe has tension arms that lock the safe in a cabinet, the bolt – screws into the wall. Both can be opened via a physical key, the digital keypad or remotely via a smartphone app. And even though they’re both made of impact resistant plastic – they're a good way to secure medicine, or simple valuables from others or crimes of opportunity. The Motorola smart safe uses four AA batteries and the company says that will give you about 4-6 months of power with average daily use.
For even more flexibility in securing valuables, there is the Yale smart cabinet lock. It’s a simple locking mechanism that can secure a standard drawer or cabinet door. Using an app you can control the lock via Bluetooth or even unlock it from anywhere in the world with an optional Wi-Fi hub. You can even use your home smart speakers to control the lock if you want.